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Cleaning Wool Carpet Safely And Effectively

  Cleaning Wool Carpets Effectively & Safely   Maintenance and regular cleaning will increase the life span of a wool carpet and also maintain its good appearance. Your cleaning should be equal to the amount of soiling to which your carpet is subjected – the more dirt is deposited on the carpet, the more maintenance […]

Carpet Cleanings 3 Biggest Myths

Let’s face it, things change. It’s amazing to think that Public Schools had smoking lessons at one time. People used mercury to hand- craft velvet (hence the term mad-as-a-hatter, because the mercury sent them insane), and dangerous chemicals were widespread (I had to use many in my previous job in the ’70s and ’80s.) A […]

Premium Superclean

https://youtu.be/JIRnx1Nuby4 Premium Superclean – What On Earth Is It? Our SuperClean carpet cleaning products are what are know as micro separating and encapsulation polymer products. This is a fancy term for Eco-friendly, bio-degradable, natural plant extract, free of detergents, enzymes and butyl”s. These biodegradable Micro-Separators are derived from food grade salts ( to be defined […]

How Long Should YOUR Carpet Last?

How long should your carpet last? According to the Good Carpet Guide, carpets are used in our homes for heat insulation and sound insulation, but today they have become the preferred products for decoration and comfort purposes too. To extend the life of your carpets, avoid using the wrong methods. Especially strong chemical carpet cleaning […]

Does Carpet Cleaning Remove Fleas

So, Does Carpet Cleaning Remove Fleas? Fleas are a common pest, especially in a home with a pet cat or dog, so it is not unusual to have a problem with them from time to time. Therefore, understanding more about fleas and their life cycle will help greatly in effectively removing them from the home. […]

Will Carpet Cleaning Remove Pet Urine

We love our pets. They brighten up our day and they’re great company for us, through thick and thin. However, they can make it a real challenge to keep your home clean, healthy and smelling fresh. Especially when pet accidents occur. Not only is it difficult to deal with a pet urine accident once one has occurred, but […]

Does Carpet Cleaning Remove Blood Stains

Although the topic of blood stains can be fairly extensive, the short answer is probably no. Ordinary carpet cleaning will not usually remove blood.   Blood, like other bodily fluids, is a combination of chemicals, minerals, proteins, fats and sugars. It can take a little knowledge and experience to know how to successfully remove blood […]

Permanent Pile Reversal Shading Of Carpet

Permanent Pile Reversal Shading Of Carpet What is Permanent Pile Reversal Shading? Permanent Pile Reversal Shading is a phenomenon that can appear in any cut pile carpet. Its occurrence is random and its causes are largely unexplained. It is also often referred to as watermarking, pooling or puddling.   A cut pile carpet that has ‘shaded’ […]

ACS Carpet Cleaning Are Different – Here’s Why Thats Good For You

Different Is Good – How  ACS Carpet Cleaning Are Different And Why It Matters! In all industries, there are ‘norms’, ways things are ‘always done’. This doesn’t necessarily mean its best, or even good. Technology moves on, but sometimes businesses don’t. Carpet cleaning is the same. Many practices haven’t changed in 60 years. Some have […]