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Guest-house & Hotel Cleaning in Broadstairs
For expert guest-house & hotel cleaning in Broadstairs that won’t break your bank or disrupt your operation, call ACS Carpet Cleaning. We get the job done right. Freephone 0800 026 3859

Professional Guest-house & Hotel Cleaning in Broadstairs by ACS

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Broadstairs is the archetypal English seaside resort town. With wide beaches, refreshing breezes, world-class seafood restaurants, history and culture, the town has it all. The number of guest-houses and hotels here is impressive and they are typically booked solid for months in advance of the summer season. With so much traffic, owners of those establishments need a carpet cleaning company they can rely on to keep their carpets looking great without disrupting the normal flow of business. With more than 30 years of experience with guest-house & hotel cleaning in Broadstairs that company is ACS. 

Our Clients Include…

Guest-house & Hotel Cleaning in Broadstairs by ACS

If working in tourist-orientated communities has taught anything it’s the need to be as unobtrusive as possible. In response to this need, we have developed a speciality carpet cleaning service whereby your carpets dry 4 times faster than happens with conventional carpet cleaning techniques. In high traffic areas, we offer an express dry service that will have your carpeting ready to accept visitors and staff again in less than 1 hour. These speciality services are indicative of our commitment to keeping the needs of our customers front and centre at all times.

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The Intersection of Quality and Affordability

If you spend any time comparing carpet cleaners in Kent you will find our prices to be very competitive. But unlike many others, our everyday low prices are not the result of cutting corners. We’re able to keep our costs down because our vast experience has made us extremely efficient. We are also fully licensed and insured, which is something not every carpet cleaner working in Broadstairs can say. In the extremely unlikely event of a mishap, you are completely covered. 

For Expert Service at Competitive Rates Call ACS

We have been working with members of the hospitality industry for a long time. We know how to get the job done right without interfering with your business processes. If you think it’s time you got more from the company that cleans your carpets contact ACS Carpet Cleaning today on 0800 026 3859. And don’t forget to ask about our free trial offer while you have us on the phone.

What Our Customers Say

Friendly, helpful, professional AND polite. The results were amazing, the stains gone. I would recommend you.
L. Court, Deal, Kent
Fantastic results. I liked that you were efficient and friendly.
Mrs Robinson. Deal, Kent
Exceptional! Very respectful, I’m very pleased.
Mr Grahskin. Hythe, Kent
Fantastic. The carpets were grubby, now look great and smell nice. I don’t think you could do any better.
Mrs Lloyd, Dover, Kent
My carpets were mucky, and now look almost like new. You were efficient and fast. Everything excellent.
Mrs Wendholt. Ramsgate, Kent
The results were better than I expected. You were very pleasant.
Mrs Floyd. Folkestone, Kent