Office Carpet Cleaning in Margate
Dirty carpets are not just bad for business, they’re bad for your health. Ensure your team never has to worry by hiring us for office carpet cleaning in Margate. Freephone 0800 026 3859

Office Carpet Cleaning in Margate with a Proven Track Record

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Office Carpet Cleaning in Margate with a Proven Track Record

Margate is a seaside town and became an extremely popular spot in the UK with holidaymakers in the 18th century due to the ease of access that the River Thames provided. While it may no longer be the first port of call for tourists, it is still home to many businesses of all sizes. We work with many of these businesses to keep their carpets in pristine condition.

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Why Is It So Important to Have Clean Carpets in Your Margate Office?

Carpets are just carpets, right? If you think that way, your business is going to be worse off. Here’s why:

  • Big Impact on Aesthetics – If you’re in your office space right now, take a look around you. Your carpets occupy a lot of space and have a big impact on how your office is perceived visually. Dirty carpets are an eyesore, it’s as simple as that. They reflect poorly on your business.
  • Do You Care About Hygiene? – Over time, carpets attract dirt, grime and dust. That much is probably obvious. But did you know that dirty carpets are also home to bacteria and allergens? If you care about employee welfare, you need to clean your office carpets regularly.
  • They’ll Last Longer – It’s the same with most things. The less emphasis you put on maintenance, the shorter the lifespan of the product becomes. Carpets are no different. The longer you leave it between cleanings, the harder it will be to get the carpet properly clean, and the more worn the carpet fibres will become.
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Why ACS is the Company to Call for Office Carpet Cleaning in Margate

Here are a few reasons why so many businesses in Margate trust us to take care of their office carpets.

  • Stellar Reputation – With 30+ years in the industry and over 18,000 satisfied clients, it’s safe to say that we know what we’re doing. We take our work very seriously and always strive to do right by our clients. We’d love to add your company to that list.
  • See for Yourself – We know that there’s a lot of false promises made in business. We don’t ask that you take everything we say at face value. We will come to your office and clean a section of your carpet for free. There’s no charge whatever for this. So you can judge the quality of our work for yourself.
  • 50% Introductory Offer – To sweeten the deal, we’ll also offer you 50% off your first cleaning. This isn’t some desperate pitch. We’re confident you’ll stay with us for years afterwards once you’ve seen what we can do.
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What Our Customers Say

Friendly, helpful, professional AND polite. The results were amazing, the stains gone. I would recommend you.
L. Court, Deal, Kent
Fantastic results. I liked that you were efficient and friendly.
Mrs Robinson. Deal, Kent
Exceptional! Very respectful, I’m very pleased.
Mr Grahskin. Hythe, Kent
Fantastic. The carpets were grubby, now look great and smell nice. I don’t think you could do any better.
Mrs Lloyd, Dover, Kent
My carpets were mucky, and now look almost like new. You were efficient and fast. Everything excellent.
Mrs Wendholt. Ramsgate, Kent
The results were better than I expected. You were very pleasant.
Mrs Floyd. Folkestone, Kent