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Different Is Good – How  ACS Carpet Cleaning Are Different And Why It Matters!

In all industries, there are \’norms\’, ways things are \’always done\’. This doesn\’t necessarily mean its best, or even good. Technology moves on, but sometimes businesses don\’t. Carpet cleaning is the same. Many practices haven\’t changed in 60 years. Some have just had a modern shine put on them. I\’ve spent the last 30+ years looking at how things are done and finding ways that are better. I think I\’ve done ok. We\’re always booked up, we hundreds of 5-star reviews, and our customers all recommend us to their friends. So we must be doing something right.

Here are some ways we\’re different from other carpet cleaners

ACS is not a franchise. This matters because franchises are required to use the equipment and chemicals provided by the franchisor (they make more money). This means that whether the chemicals work the best, are appropriate, or even effective for your carpet, is irrelevant. They are required to use only those.

At ACS we\’re different. We are not a franchise. We can use any cleaning products, equipment, and cleaning techniques we want. This means that we can use the right equipment, products, and methods that are best for your carpets. (Every job is different: Carpets vary in materials and construction, soiling conditions vary, and usage is different depending on who uses the carpets, how often, and whether they remove shoes, have pets, and so on).

We are not a National company. A national company, like a franchise, has a head office goodness-knows-where, and employees that go out and clean. You the customer are just a number. They don’t know you or the area and aren’t interested in doing so.

Here at ACS we are a local family business that lives and works in the area. And we’re small enough that we want to get to know our customers and give them a great service as well as a great carpet clean!

ACS is not a one-man-band. While there is nothing wrong with one-man carpet cleaners, one person is limited with how much furniture they can safely move, how much carpet they can clean each day, and how many customers they can service.


ACS is owned and run by myself, Perry Matcham, along with my wife Marina, and my daughter Jasmine. A family-owned and run business. This means we can have one person on a job where appropriate, or two, or even three if needed. This gives us great flexibility in providing you with a better service experience whether it’s a small job or a very large one.


Five More Ways We Are Different – Any Why It Matters


Most carpet cleaners quote their prices over the phone or the internet without ever seeing what needs to be done. This is because they can’t be bothered to come out to you, and it saves them time and money, increasing their profits. They will then (if you book), appraise the job before starting.

The price may change, or if the price remains the same, they may need to cut corners to do the job profitably. This is not very professional. Some carpet cleaners will simply not turn up if a bigger job comes along or may refuse to do the job if, when they see it, they realise they’ve got the price wrong, (of course, if their phone quote, aka guess is overpriced, they won’t say a word).

We’re different because we want to see every job before we give you a quote. We want to make sure that we can give you a lovely clean, move your furniture, remove stains, and be on time and have the right products for the job. We want to make sure the price we quote is fair and reasonable for what we’ll need to do, and that you’re getting great value for money. Sure, it is more time consuming for us, but we think you’re worth it.


It’s usual for most carpet cleaners to book carpet cleaning jobs by an am or pm timeslot so that you’ll expect them sometime that morning or afternoon. This gives the carpet cleaner great flexibility. But it leaves you hanging around not knowing when they’ll be there.

With ACS, we’re different because we give you a half-hour appointment time. I usually say “we’ll be there around 9 am”. This allows us a little time if the previous job runs over or if traffic is heavy, but it gives you some certainty that we’re going to be there when we said! We think that’s only fair, and part of a great service experience.


Another way we’re different from other carpet cleaners is that we vacuum your carpet before we start cleaning it. This takes longer, but you get so much better results.

Many other carpet cleaners don’t do this because it takes extra time. The trouble is that dry particulate soil makes up the majority of what’s in your carpets. This ‘stuff’ is gritty and abrasive and must be removed before cleaning. If it is not removed first, much of it will be taken down to the bottom of your carpet by the cleaning solution. A lot of it will not be removed with cleaning and will continue to wear your carpet out and reappear soon after.


As a part of our carpet cleaning, we apply a finishing conditioner to your carpets. This keeps the carpet fibres soft and bouncy. We’re very different from most other cleaners who don’t do this. They want to save time and money, not caring that your carpet fibres are left hard and brittle, wearing out faster. We think that a great carpet clean means helping you make your carpets look lovely and last longer.


Finally, we reset the carpet pile with a grooming brush. This restores the carpet, as far as possible, to the way it was originally meant to look. Most other carpet cleaners don’t do this because, again, it requires more equipment and time to do. We’re different because we want your carpets to look the very best they can.

So, we are very different from most, if not all other carpet cleaners in the area. I’m pretty sure we’re unique. We use our own, personally developed and tested cleaning system, and a comprehensive service process too. I’m proud that we’re different because it means we give you a better clean and a better service.

I hope you’ll give us a chance to show you what we can do.




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