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Cleaning Wool Carpet Safely And Effectively

  Cleaning Wool Carpets Effectively & Safely   Maintenance and regular cleaning will increase the life span of a wool carpet and also maintain its good appearance. Your cleaning should be equal to the amount of soiling to which your carpet is subjected – the more dirt is deposited on the carpet, the more maintenance […]

How To Get A Good Carpet Cleaning Price Quote

Carpet Cleaning Price Quote If you are considering getting your carpets cleaned, part of the process is getting a quote for the work you’re looking to have done. This brief article will explain what a quote should involve, why, and how it benefits you. More Than Just A Price A carpet cleaning quotation is actually […]

What are those ugly black lines in carpets under doorways?

In the photo above, you can see a good example of draught marks (or filtration soiling as its known in the trade). These marks are in the process of being removed, which is why they only continue part way across the doorway. These marks are caused by the movement of air passing through the carpet […]