ACS Carpet Cleaning

\"BloodAlthough the topic of blood stains can be fairly extensive, the short answer is probably no. Ordinary carpet cleaning will not usually remove blood.


Blood, like other bodily fluids, is a combination of chemicals, minerals, proteins, fats and sugars. It can take a little knowledge and experience to know how to successfully remove blood stains.


If the blood stain is just a few small spots, and they haven’t dried, try this.  Blotting with a little cold water will often do the trick. Avoid doing anything else or you could make the stain worse, permanent or even damage your carpet.


Blood stains on carpets are not just unsightly; they can be extremely difficult to remove. This is especially so if one is trying to remove the stains without any knowledge, expertise and experience.


Blood dries quite quickly and it tends to leave deep stains that cannot be removed through home-made remedies.

It\’s easy to make things worse

Endless scrubbing and cleaning with improper products may lighten the stain. But it should also be kept in mind that the carpet’s fibres, colour and overall texture can easily be ruined through rough handling and constant scrubbing. In fact, in some cases where the blood stain is large and deep-seated, owners are left with only one option which is to discard the whole carpet even though it is mostly undamaged and good as new.


If you do decide to try DIY methods to remove blood, please bear in mind that any damage to the carpet fibres or chemicals that have affected your carpet won’t be something that can be put right, even by an experienced professional.


If in doubt, call a Pro.