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\"\"    How Much Will

             Carpet Cleaning Cost?

As you consider having your carpets cleaned, you will want to know how much it will cost.

\"\"    There are many things that go into a carpet cleaning price, so I thought I should go through them to give you an idea of how carpet cleaning is priced. This will help you understand what to expect, whoever you use.


Carpet cleaning can be priced on the phone, online, or in person. Of course on the phone and online is quick and easy. But in person is always best for you.

What pricing online or over the phone can\’t do for you

Here are some of the things quoting by phone or online DOESNT take into account.


It doesn’t determine how dirty the carpet is. You may pay over-the-top price or not get a very good clean.


Pricing online or on the phone doesn’t determine if the carpet is wool or man-made fibre. It makes a difference because wool carpets should be cleaned with a wool safe approved product for best results and to avoid damaging your wool carpet.


Distance pricing doesn’t determine if there’s a lot of furniture to move or if items cannot be moved. You may get a higher bill if you’re not very specific and get it in writing. You may be expected to empty your rooms of furniture beforehand.


It also doesn’t take into account if there are difficult or permanent stains. These should be tested so you have an idea of what can be achieved.


This can’t be done on the phone.


Furthermore, online pricing doesn’t take into account any odour issues. Odour treatment is not the same thing as carpet cleaning. Successful odour treatment is a completely different process using special products. If you have any odour problems these won’t be covered unless you are again very specific.


Plus, it doesn’t take into account if your carpets have any wear or damage. Some worn carpets can look worse after cleaning. Some damage can’t be rectified and if it can, it would not be included in the price because they wouldn’t know what is needed.


Room sizes can vary enormously yet you pay the same price regardless.


It is open to tricks and scams such as Bait & Switch, where a cheap price, the bait, is given, then when they arrive you are sneakily switched to a very high price. It’s very sneaky and very clever. People have told me that their £35 quoted price ended up at over £290. This scam has been featured on BBC watchdog. It’s really unpleasant.


This kind of thing doesn’t happen when someone visits you to give a quote. You can check them out and get a detailed written quote.


Often parts of the carpet cleaning process are left out to reduce the price.  These always result in your carpets not being cleaned properly, or worse, damaged.

What will you get for your money?

The fact is that your carpets are an expensive item to replace. Getting them properly cleaned is worth paying a little more than just a cheap soaking.

Some cheaper carpet cleaners use only water (lots of it), and no cleaning products, because this reduces their cost. Many don\’t vacuum first to cut corners (vacuuming is vitally important to avoid sending all the particulate soils to the base of the carpet, only to come back later).

There are many other ways to cut costs by giving you the customer a bad clean. None of them are good for your carpets or your purse.

So how much is it then?

So how much should you expect to pay?  This will vary from company to company according to the quality of the products and cleaning they will give you. Most carpet cleaners will have a minimum charge for any work because there are certain costs in every carpet clean regardless of how big or small it is.


Here at ACS, we have a minimum order value of £69. A small room with no difficult stains and only a little furniture to move is unlikely to be more than that. If you want it dried it could be a bit more, and if you needed allergy treatments or odour treatments more still.


Larger areas would be more, and the more rooms and special treatments you need would also affect the price.


This does not mean that every room would be £69, or more. It may be a lot less. This is why a brief visit to give an accurate quote is so important. We also have a very special introductory offer that will give you a fantastic carpet clean including stain retardants, conditioner and drying all at half price.

\"\"    I hope this has been useful to you. Of course, the choice is yours, but getting a quote over the phone or online is not doing you any favours. Nor is a cheap harmful soak it and run type cleaning.


We might not be the best choice for you. You may decide that, or I may tell you after seeing what you are looking to do.

Even if you don’t use my service, find someone who will look after your carpets well, rather than just being cheap.

Perry Matcham



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