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Carpet Cleaning Price Quote

If you are considering getting your carpets cleaned, part of the process is getting a quote for the work you’re looking to have done.

This brief article will explain what a quote should involve, why, and how it benefits you.

More Than Just A Price

A carpet cleaning quotation is actually more than just giving a price.

From your point of view, you should be wanting to know what will be done and how your carpets will look after cleaning. You’re going to want to know when they’ll arrive (between 9 am and 5 pm, or exactly what time).

You’re going to want to know how long the work will take and when your carpets will be dry again.

You ideally should meet the people you’re going to deal with. This meeting will give you a good idea of their ethics, and sincerity, important when they’re working in your home or business.

Do Some Research

A very good idea is to check them out by reading their customer reviews, before and after pictures and case studies. If they don’t have any, why not? What? They don’t have any happy customers? They should have loads of them!

Finally, the areas to be cleaned will need to be surveyed and a written price quote given to you to keep. This is for your protection, so there are no nasty surprises or hidden charges.

It goes without saying that most of this cannot be done over the phone or on the internet. A personal visit is really important.

It\’s Worth A Little Time

Now, I understand that this is a little time consuming and maybe you feel that you just want to get on with it and get it done. But the brief time a visit takes, will not only ensure you get a vastly better result, but it will also prevent any misunderstandings, or I’m sad to say, scams, that are very common today, and always take place on the phone or online.

So how long should all this take?

If the job is quite small, and the requirements straightforward, it can take as little as 10 minutes. But actually, shouldn’t it take as long as you need to feel happy with what you\’re going to get for the money you’re going to pay?

If you are thinking of getting a carpet cleaning price quote, be very clear about what you want and don’t be talked into something you don’t want or need.

If the company won’t visit you to give you a quote, be suspicious. Why don’t they come out? Are you not worth their time and effort?

Is there something they don’t want you to see? Of course, they may be genuine. But as we’ve seen, a proper professional carpet cleaning quote can’t be done on the phone or online. Get your quote, and the details of what they’ll do, in writing.

Spending a little extra time having your carpet cleaner come to you to give a detailed carpet cleaning quote is well worth it, and will give you a better result, better value for money, and a better experience overall