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Is Your Carpet Cleaner Insured?

As you think about getting your carpets cleaned, one of the things you may want to know is ‘are the carpet cleaners insured?’

Whilst no one wants to have a situation where insurance is necessary, its very comforting to know that its there.

Also, many ‘fly by night’ carpet cleaners aren’t insured so its a good way of judging whether they’re legitimate. Sadly, the ones not insured are also likely to be the ones to cut corners or use incorrect methods, increasing the likelihood of a claim arising!

Sadly, being insured is NOT a legal requirement. It should be.

ACS Are Insured      \"\"

At ACS we have full cover, as I’ll explain.

We’re covered for damage to your carpets, furniture, and other items. We’re covered for injury to you and us, and others who may be involved. Many other insurance policies don\’t include these things.

We’re covered for damage to your home and other property. So you can rest assured we have full cover for all situations that may arise.

Don\’t panic! You shouldn\’t need it.    \"\"

Now that doesn’t mean carpet cleaning is dangerous. It certainly isn’t. For example, using our fast-drying premium service, its impossible to shrink or stretch your carpets, unlike some other systems that use a huge amount of water.

We use wool safe approved products on wool carpets, and man-made appropriate products when cleaning synthetics, so we’re both safe, and highly effective.

So, whoever you use to clean your carpets, it\’s good to know they have proper insurance coverage.

Even if its never needed, its good to know its there.