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The ACS Carpet Cleaning Unique Free Trial Offer

So exactly what is our unique ACS Carpet Cleaning Free Trial Offer?\"Free

Hey, we\’re only little…

Here at ACS we’re a small family business, just me Perry, my wife Marina, and my daughter, Jasmine,

Being a small family business, we can give our customers a more personal, individual service than those large franchises that just treat customers as a number rather than a person.

Part of our more personal service is our Free Trial.

Here\’s What Usually Happens

When you contact a carpet cleaner to clean your carpets, they may seem very nice, they may seem to know what they’re doing, and the price they quote you may seem fair for the work to be done.

So you may be thinking, yes Perry, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. And you’d be right, except there’s one very important thing missing.

You see, you may have a nice person (even me!) come to see you. You may be impressed with what they know, and you may find the price acceptable.

But you still don’t know what your carpet will look like after  the cleaning until its done and you’re presented with the bill!

I thought about this for a while and some different ideas came to me. First, there’s the old ‘I’ll be thorough or its free’ guarantee that’s been around many decades now. But thorough is not the same thing as a lovely clean looking carpet.

Then there’s the ‘we’ll get everything out we can’ guarantee. But that still doesn’t show you how your carpets will look.

I struggled with this for some time. I fact it came to me when I was test driving a new car.

You see, car dealers know that if they can get you into a car for a drive and you like how it feels, performs and looks, it’ll be much easier to sell you a car you already like.

From the customers point  of view, it’s great because you can try before you buy so you already know how it feels and performs, BEFORE you part with any money.

Well, I liked that idea and thought ‘how can I help my customers try before they buy?

And that’s why I created my Free Trial Offer. You can try our carpet cleaning before you buy!

Here’s how my Free Trial Offer works.

First, we come by and see your carpets. This is so that we can find the best way to give you a great job. We have different systems and products for different carpets and problems, and coming to see your carpets will enable us to give you the best result possible. (You also get to meet us and check us out too).

We’ll test some areas of your carpet with our products to see which will give you the best clean. And we’ll provide you with a written quote. A this point we can tell you what kind of result you can expect.

Next comes the best bit!

If you would like to have us clean your carpets, we’ll arrange a date and put it in the diary. On the day, we’ll clean a large area for you to see how it looks. You can see how clean and bright it is, and smell how fresh it is.

Now, if you’re not happy, for ANY reason (we won’t even press you for why), we’ll pack away our equipment and leave, and the cleaning is free. You won’t be asked to pay one penny.

Of course, I know you’ll be delighted and want us to continue and finish the cleaning, but that will only be if YOU are happy for us to do so.  It’s my version of try before  you buy!

And I don’t know any other carpet cleaner that does that.

So I suppose that makes ACS unique.

If you would like to take advantage of my Free Trial Offer, simply call, text, or email me and we’ll get things started. I look forward to talking carpet cleaning with you.