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Who Will Move My Furniture?

When you look into getting your carpets cleaned, you will probably be thinking ‘what happens to my furniture?’

That’s a good question, because if your room or rooms are full of furniture, what happens when it comes time to clean the carpets?

While some people only want the main areas of a carpet cleaned, and no furniture moved, most people want to clean the whole carpet.

Many carpet cleaners will insist that you empty the rooms before they arrive.

Of course, this may not be possible. Where do you put everything? What if you’re having every room cleaned? What happens if the furniture is too heavy or delicate to move? What do you do if you’re not physically able to move things yourself?

It’s a good idea to decide exactly what furniture you want to move, before the cleaning day.

I always advise having the carpet cleaner come by to see what you want to do.

They can discuss with you what furniture you want moved, where to put it, and how to move it.

That way everyone knows what is going to happen.

About Moving Your Furniture

A good carpet cleaner will use furniture sliders like these to move your furniture safely before cleaning your carpet. They will also place protective coasters under your furniture after replacing it. \"\"This is for your protection and any decent carpet cleaner will use these so please insist.

Most carpet cleaning insurers insist carpet cleaners must not move electronics, fish tanks, pianos, and items that are breakable such as glassware.  They can’t move any item that may cause an injury or damage. Most normal items such as tables, chairs, and sofas are easy to move. Your carpet cleaner should be happy to do it for you if you wish.

Whoever you have to clean your carpets, make sure to get in writing in advance, what will happen to your furniture at cleaning time. You’ll have a happier cleaning experience if you do.