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The Evolution Of Carpet Cleaning

The Evolution Of Carpet Cleaning As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness,” and that sentiment has been true throughout history. When it comes to our homes, one area that often requires special attention is our carpets. Over the years, carpet cleaning methods have evolved to ensure that our carpets not only look clean […]

Have YOU Fallen For This Con?

Carpet cleaning scam

What is it? Some unethical carpet cleaners use what is known as ‘bait & switch’ type sales tactics to trick customers. The ‘bait’ is some form of low pricing (not to be confused with genuine special offers), promoting a terrific low price – if you book ‘within the next 2 weeks’ or something similar. Of […]

Removing Ugly Tea Stains From Carpets

As a homeowner, it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with unsightly tea stains on carpets. While tea is widely enjoyed, the stains it can leave behind on carpets can be difficult to remove. In this article, we’ll be exploring the difficulty of removing tea stains from carpets and give you a few tips on how […]

The Hidden Danger Of Toxic Mould In Carpets

Click to watch the video Carpet mould is a common but often overlooked problem, and it can be an unseen danger to your home or business. While it can be difficult to spot, it is important to be aware of the potential health risks posed by mould in your carpeting. In this blog post, we […]

How To Get A Good Carpet Cleaning Price Quote

Carpet Cleaning Price Quote If you are considering getting your carpets cleaned, part of the process is getting a quote for the work you’re looking to have done. This brief article will explain what a quote should involve, why, and how it benefits you. More Than Just A Price A carpet cleaning quotation is actually […]

How To Choose The Right Carpet For Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Carpet for Your Home Choosing the perfect carpet for your home can be daunting, yet an exciting, task. Whether you are looking to completely renovate your home or just want to spruce up one room, a carpet can be a great way to set the tone and add texture. In this blog, […]

Cleaning Wool Carpet Safely And Effectively

  Cleaning Wool Carpets Effectively & Safely   Maintenance and regular cleaning will increase the life span of a wool carpet and also maintain its good appearance. Your cleaning should be equal to the amount of soiling to which your carpet is subjected – the more dirt is deposited on the carpet, the more maintenance […]

Carpet Cleanings 3 Biggest Myths

Let’s face it, things change. It’s amazing to think that Public Schools had smoking lessons at one time. People used mercury to hand- craft velvet (hence the term mad-as-a-hatter, because the mercury sent them insane), and dangerous chemicals were widespread (I had to use many in my previous job in the ’70s and ’80s.) A […]

Premium Superclean

    Premium Superclean – What On Earth Is It? Our SuperClean carpet cleaning products are what are known as micro separating and encapsulation polymer products. This is a fancy term for Eco-friendly, bio-degradable, natural plant extract, free of detergents, enzymes and butyls. These biodegradable Micro-Separators are derived from food-grade salts ( to be defined […]

How Long Should YOUR Carpet Last?

How long should your carpet last? According to the Good Carpet Guide, carpets are used in our homes for heat insulation and sound insulation, but today they have become the preferred products for decoration and comfort purposes too. To extend the life of your carpets, avoid using the wrong methods. Especially strong chemical carpet cleaning […]